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WIWU SW01SE IP67 Waterproof Sports Smart Watch


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Short Description:
Type: Smart Watch
Origin: China
Brand: WIWU
Model: SW01SE
Color: Random
Standard: GB4943.1-2011; GB/T22450.1-2008
Display: 1.75’ IPS, 320*385 full-round display
Watchcase: Alloy/plastic
Charging method: Magnetic base charging
Battery: 3.7V/180mAh
Waterproof level: IP67
Processor: Dual mode SYD8810+FR3028
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Standby time: 3 days

Product Description:
The WIWU SW01SE is a sports smartwatch that is designed to withstand water and is compliant with the IP67 waterproofing standard.
The watch is equipped with a 1.75-inch IPS display that has a resolution of 320 x 385 pixels, which provides a clear and vivid display.
The watch case is made of a combination of alloy and plastic materials, which makes it durable and lightweight.
The watch can be charged using a magnetic base charging method, which is convenient and easy to use.
The battery has a capacity of 3.7V/180mAh, which provides enough power to keep the watch running for up to 3 days on standby.
The charging time for the battery is 1.5 hours, which is relatively quick.
The WIWU SW01SE is powered by a dual-mode SYD8810+FR3028 processor, which provides a smooth and seamless user experience.
The watch is compliant with two standards, GB4943.1-2011 and GB/T22450.1-2008, which ensures that it is safe and reliable to use.
Overall, the WIWU SW01SE is a high-quality sports smartwatch that is designed to meet the needs of active individuals.
It is waterproof, durable, and has a long battery life, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy outdoor activities or sports.

What’s in the box: 1 x SW01SE Smart Watch

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SKU: 230409055225

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WIWU SW01SE IP67 Waterproof Sports Smart Watch
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