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26 English Words Kids Learning Educational Tablet With Led Screen


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Short Description:
Product Type: Education Learning Tablet
Display: LED screen
Material: High-quality, non-toxic ABS plastic
Dimensions: Compact and ergonomic design for easy handling by children
Color: Blue and Pink
Color Choice: Random
Gender: Suitable for both boys and girls.
Age Range: For 2 years and above
Activities: English, numeracy, animals, music, puzzles
Safety: Child-friendly design
Interface: Simple ON/OFF and Volume controls
Development: Enhances various skills

Product Description:
Introducing our vibrant Kids Learning Tablet, a dynamic educational tool designed to captivate young minds and foster a love for learning!
Crafted with an LED screen and featuring an array of engaging activities, this tablet offers an immersive experience that seamlessly integrates fun and education.
Unlock the world of English letters, words, spelling, numbers, and animals through interactive learning activities.
With two catchy English songs and a medley of MIDI music, children are encouraged to explore and expand their linguistic skills while having a blast.
Our puzzle and games section isn’t just about fun – it’s a playground for critical thinking skills to flourish in toddlers.
The tablet is constructed from high-quality, non-toxic ABS plastic, ensuring a smooth, child-friendly experience.
It’s easy to use, with simple functions like Volume + / – and an effortless ON/OFF switch, making it accessible for even the youngest learners.
Inspired by the principles of early childhood education and multiple intelligence theory, it nurtures emotional, auditory, motor, and cognitive skills.
From enhancing grip strength to fostering hand-eye coordination, this tablet is a comprehensive tool for your child’s growth.
Our Kids Learning Tablet is designed to ignite curiosity and inspire exploration with its vibrant colours, captivating sounds, and intuitive features.
Give your child the gift of education and entertainment with our Kids Learning Tablet – the ultimate electronic toy for both boys and girls.

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SKU: LT-X2020

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26 English Words Kids Learning Educational Tablet With Led Screen
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