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SOVO FORD SCC-765 High-Quality Clip Charger With LED Light-Up


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Short Description:
Type: Clip Charger
Brand: SOVO
Model: SCC-765(FORD)
Color: Random
Output: 2A
Memory Effect: None
Features: LED Light-Up, Over Power Protection
Connector: USB flowing interface
Compatibility: Android devices
Chip Protection: Advanced pure copper chip
Material: Pure copper crocodile clips
Simultaneous Charging: Supported
Plug and Play: Yes

Product Description:
The SOVO FORD SCC-765 High-Quality Clip Charger with LED Light-Up offers unparalleled convenience and reliability for charging your devices on the go. With a robust 2A output, it ensures swift charging for your devices, keeping you connected whenever you need it most. Say goodbye to the hassle of memory effect with this charger, as it maintains optimal performance over time.
Equipped with advanced chip protection technology and over-power protection, this charger guarantees the safety of your devices during charging, preventing any potential damage. The inclusion of pure copper crocodile clips ensures a secure connection and enhances durability. The LED light-up feature not only adds a stylish touch but also provides visual confirmation of the charging status.
Designed for maximum compatibility, this clip charger supports simultaneous charging and boasts a plug-and-play interface that effortlessly fits Android devices. The USB-flowing interface ensures smooth plug-and-pull operations, making it a breeze to connect and disconnect your devices.

What’s in the box: 1 x Clip Charger

Weight: 0.2

SKU: 240317095436

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SOVO FORD SCC-765 High-Quality Clip Charger With LED Light-Up
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