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Pack Of 2 SOVO SH-99 GoPro Heavy Bass Comfortable Wear Handsfree


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Short Description:
Type: Handsfree
Brand: SOVO
Model: SH-99(Gopro)
Color: Black, White
Color Choice: Random
Sound: Immersive with heavy bass
Features: Comfortable, Noise Reduction
Compatibility: Compatible with various devices
Microphone: Built-in
Quantity: 2 Pcs

Product Description:
Experience unparalleled audio quality and convenience with the SOVO SH-99 Hands-Free Earphones. Offering a truly immersive sound experience with its premium speakers and advanced audio technology, these earphones deliver crystal-clear voice calls, rich music playback, and dynamic audio performance.
Designed for multitasking efficiency, the SOVO SH-99 features hands-free calling functionality, allowing you to stay connected without the need to hold your smartphone. With built-in call noise reduction technology and a specially designed lead tone chamber, these earphones ensure clear and stable calls even in noisy environments.
Enjoy intuitive touch controls for effortless operation, including volume adjustment, call management, music playback, and voice assistant activation. The multifunction button allows you to seamlessly switch between talking and music playback, adding convenience to your daily activities.
Versatile connectivity options make the SOVO SH-99 ideal for use with computers, consoles, MP3 players, tablets, and smartphones. Its multipoint connectivity feature enables simultaneous connection to multiple devices, providing enhanced versatility and seamless switching between devices.
With its exceptional sound quality, hands-free convenience, and intuitive controls, the SOVO SH-99 Hands-Free Earphones offer an unparalleled audio experience for all your daily needs.

What’s in the box: 2 x SOVO SH-99 Handsfree

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SKU: 240420101605

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Pack Of 2 SOVO SH-99 GoPro Heavy Bass Comfortable Wear Handsfree
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