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CX04 Mobile Phone Magnetic Cooling Fan With Type-C Connect Port


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Short Description:
Type: Magnetic Cooling Fan
Origin: China
Model: CX04
Color: Black, Yellow
Rated Input: 5v/1.5A
Executive Standard: GB/T 4943.1-2011
Connect Port: Type-C
Weight: 72.9g
Size: 60.5×60.5×28.5mm approx
Compatibility: Compatible with multiple-size models and phones with a width of 73-104mm

Product Description:
The CX04 Mobile Phone Magnetic Cooling Fan with Type-C Connect Port is a cutting-edge cooling solution designed specifically for smartphones. Engineered with advanced magnetic technology, this compact and portable fan provides enhanced cooling capabilities to prevent your phone from overheating during intensive usage.
Equipped with a Type-C connector, this cooling fan seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, offering convenient and effortless connectivity. Plug it into your phone’s Type-C port, and the fan starts circulating cool air to dissipate heat generated by demanding applications, gaming sessions, or prolonged usage.
The CX04 Mobile Phone Magnetic Cooling Fan operates silently, ensuring a noise-free experience while keeping your device at an optimal temperature. Its compact design allows for easy handling and portability, making it ideal for on-the-go use.
With its innovative magnetic attachment system, this cooling fan securely stays in place on the back of your smartphone, ensuring a stable connection even during active movements. The adjustable fan speed settings allow you to customize the cooling level based on your specific needs.
Upgrade your smartphone cooling experience with the CX04 Mobile Phone Magnetic Cooling Fan with Type-C Connect Port, and enjoy extended usage without worrying about overheating issues. Stay cool, stay connected, and unlock the full potential of your device with this efficient cooling solution.

What’s in the box: 1 x Phone Cooler, 1 x Type-C Power Cable, 1 x Magnetic Sheet, 1 x Protective Film, 1 x User Manual

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SKU: 230617070530


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