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150ML Chew Proof Anti-Leak Pet Water Drinking Bottle


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Short Description:
Type: Pet Water Dispenser
Color: Random
Weight: 100g approx.
Material: Plastic and stainless steel
Capacity: 150ml

Product Description:
Secure Nozzle and Stainless Steel Drinking Head: This water dispenser has a nozzle that doesn’t allow water leakage.
It restricts any dripping on your floor or dampness on the floor of your pet cage.
The stainless steel pipe and nozzle deter your pet from chewing up the drinking head.
Your Puppy needs water keep her hydrated.
If you are leaving your little mammal at home for a few hours,
and worried about your small pet getting too thirsty during the day, this water bottle is a MUST for you.
This 5.07 oz water bottle/feeder ensures that your furry friend stays hydrated,
while you are away without making a mess in the crate.
Accidental Slips are the thing of the past.
If you are fed up of your pets knocking over their drinking bowls and slipping.
If you are Fed up of dirty water that gets really nasty and needs changing every few hours
The hanging pet water bottle is intuitively designed to restrict continuous dripping.
The stainless steel balls block the tip of the hose and allow water to pass through only when pet sucks it to drink.
Benefits multiple pets.
The stainless steel drinking head of the bottle has a small roller ball,
that makes it easy for your pets to drink their fill without too much effort.
The 0.3 nozzle size is ideal for puppies, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, and small dogs.
Its sipper tube fitted feature with no-drip drinking mechanism allows even the,
most sensitive pets to drink without getting wet or injured.
Easy to install and refill.
The pet water bottle is simple and easy to install.
A user-friendly screw-on bracket can be attached to your pets crate or cage.
You can also nail the bracket to a wall or onto wooden furniture with screws.
Simply snap the pet crate water bottle off the bracket, no need to unscrew the whole thing.
Rinse, refill and reattach to the bracket in vertical position.

What’s in the box: 1 x Pet Water Dispenser

Weight: 0.4

SKU: LS109

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150ML Chew Proof Anti-Leak Pet Water Drinking Bottle
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