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When placing an order on our website, both parties acknowledge that PakDropshipping is authorized to dispatch orders on behalf of the partner, following the instructions and terms provided below:

The partner commits to compliance with all pertinent laws and regulations governing e-commerce and dropshipping. They will abstain from involvement in any illegal or unethical practices while utilizing the PakDropshipping platform.

The partner bears the responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of their account login information and is accountable for any activities conducted under their account.

**Intellectual Property Usage:**

  • **Usage of Copyrighted Creatives and Brand Names:**
    – Partners are strictly prohibited from using copyrighted creatives or brand names.
  • **Consequences for Violations:**
    – Any unauthorized use of intellectual property will result in severe consequences, including the permanent suspension of the partner’s account.
  • **Profit Retention:**
    – Profits accrued during the period of intellectual property violation will not be paid to the partner.

**Verification Process:**

  • **Verification Requirements:**
    – Partners must adhere to a verification process to ensure the proper use of approved creatives and brand names.
  • **Monitoring and Auditing:**
    – PakDropshipping.com reserves the right to regularly monitor and audit partner activities for compliance with intellectual property guidelines.

**Reporting Mechanism:**

  • **Reporting Unauthorized Use:**
    – Other partners or customers are encouraged to report any instances of unauthorized use of creatives or brand names. Reports can be submitted through Email.

**Legal Action:**

  • **Right to Legal Action:**
    – The partner agrees to provide accurate and truthful information, specifically regarding their business and brand names for shipment purposes. Any engagement in unethical practices or the provision of false information may lead to account termination and legal action.- PakDropshipping.com reserves the right to take legal action in cases of severe intellectual property violations. Legal expenses incurred may be passed on to the violating party.

**Order Processing and Fulfillment:**

  • **Order Processing Time:**
    – Orders received before 12 pm are dispatched on the same day. Any orders received after 12 pm will be dispatched the next day. Please note that all couriers are off on Sundays & National holidays. After dispatch, delivery takes 2 to 4 days in major cities and 5 to 7 days in remote areas and interior cities. Please understand that delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • **Order Fulfillment:**
    – PakDropshipping.com will exert all possible efforts to fulfill orders; however, it is unable to guarantee 100% delivery due to unforeseen circumstances or any potential reasons.

**Shipping and Delivery:**

**Delivery Details:**
– You will receive copies of shipping labels for your parcels to maintain your records and for future reference. It is the responsibility of partners to monitor their shipments and to reach out to the courier company in case of any undue delays or related issues.

**Profit Transfer:**

  • **Profit Transfer Policy:**
    The net profit amount for every 15 days is automatically transferred to the Partner’s provided bank account, as indicated during registration. This process occurs twice a month, following the conditions outlined below
  • For the 26th to the 10th of each month: The invoice for the net profit of delivered and return-received orders is generated on the 11th. Due amounts are transferred on the 15th.
  • For the 11th to the 25th of each month: The invoice for the net profit of delivered and return-received orders is generated on the 26th. Due amounts are transferred on the 30th.
    Note: The dates of statement generation and the profit transfer cycle are subject to working days.- Payment claims will not be entertained beyond 60 days from the order placement or after 15 days from the statement generation. Partners are provided with detailed reports and are responsible for ensuring that timely payment processing is carried out in accordance with the policy.

**Privacy Policy:**

**Data Collection and Usage:**
– PakDropshipping is committed to protecting the privacy of its partners. We will not disclose any personal or business information to third parties without the explicit consent of the partner.

**Termination of Agreement:**

**Termination Conditions:**
– Partners engaging in the use of abusive language or displaying inappropriate behavior will face immediate account termination.

– Partners who publicly raise complaints without adhering to the designated complaints procedures outlined by PakDropshipping may face the risk of having their accounts terminated.

PakDropshipping retains the right to amend the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time. It is the responsibility of the partner to remain updated on any modifications.

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