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Transformers Flawless Metal Yoyo With Finger Protection


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Short Description:
Product Type: Yoyo
Origin: China
Material: Metal
Color: White, Blue, Red, Yellow
Theme: Transformers
Age Range: for 5 years and above

Product Description:
Experience the exhilaration of speed with our sleek metal yoyo. This exceptional yoyo is tailor-made for enthusiasts who want to elevate their yoyoing game,
offering the perfect platform for advanced tricks and an ideal tool for seasoned players looking to hone their skills further.
Crafted with utmost precision, the die-cast metal body ensures an impeccable balance, providing a flawless throw and exceptional rotational inertia,
enabling you to achieve excellent spins with ease.
Designed to enhance motor skills and eye-hand coordination, this yoyo is perfect for children aged 5 and above.
Your child will benefit from improved eye-hand coordination and enhanced motor skills as they navigate the yoyo’s movements swiftly,
making it an ideal choice for both fun and skill development.

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SKU: LT-580-1/14

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Transformers Flawless Metal Yoyo With Finger Protection
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