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SOVO SC-501 Soft Silicone 45W Quick Charge 3-In-2 PD Cable


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Short Description:
Type: Cable
Brand: SOVO
Model: SC-501
Color: Random
Material: Soft Silicone
Diameter: 12mm
Power Delivery: 45W
Smart Chip: Yes
Output: 4A
Cable Type: 3-in-2 PD Cable
Charging Speed Enhancement: Up to 90%
Compatibility: Lightning, Type-C, and Android micro USB phones
Interface: Upgraded and Strengthened USB to Type-C
Durability: Tested over 10,000 cycles
Resistance: Reduced cord resistance for faster charging
Features: Safe Speed, Incredibly Durable, Fast Charging

Product Description:
Experience the cutting-edge technology of the SOVO SC-501 3-in-2 Cable, a game-changer in the realm of charging solutions. With a compact 12mm design and a robust 45W power delivery, this cable ensures optimal performance for all your devices.
Equipped with a smart chip, it guarantees safe and efficient charging at a rapid pace. Its soft silicone construction provides unparalleled flexibility and durability, while breakthrough fast-filling black technology enhances charging speed by up to 90%, delivering a super-large current output of 4A.
Compatible with Lightning, Type-C, and Android micro USB phones, this versatile cable adapts seamlessly to your charging needs. Experience the convenience of fast charging, saving you valuable time while maximizing device performance.
Moreover, the upgraded and strengthened USB to Type-C interface is engineered to withstand repeated bending or buckling, preventing breakage and ensuring long-lasting reliability. Tested rigorously, this cable has endured over 10,000 cycles without any damage or loss in performance, making it suitable for use in any environment or circumstance.
With wide-diameter wires and reduced cord resistance, this cable facilitates faster charging than ever before, guaranteeing the fastest possible charge speed for your devices. Embrace the future of charging technology with the SOVO SC-501 3-in-2 Cable.

What’s in the box: 1 x 3-in-2 PD Cable

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SKU: 240406093509

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SOVO SC-501 Soft Silicone 45W Quick Charge 3-In-2 PD Cable
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