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RW-15 Type 40W Marine Aquarium Wave Maker Pump


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Power: 40W
Input: 24V
Flow: 13000L/H
Size: Length 13* Diameter 9.2
Power cord length:
Wave pump to controller length: 2.5 meters
Controller to transformer length: 1.4 meters
Transformer to plug length: 1.6 meters.
This model has a separate transformer, separate plug.
Voltage: 110-240V 50/60HZ
Flow: 1000-15000L/H adjustable

Multiple wave style and function, meet different wave patterns.
To synchronize the wave makers operation through one controller, multiple control.
Low voltage DC brushless electronic motor, provide a safe using environment.
Easy operation display to achieve multiple dynamic effect.
180 degrees to adjust the outlet flow direction.
suitable for various power grid system, avoid the voltage fluctuation to impact the wave effect.
Including a wireless controller, can use any combination of a plurality of pumps.
Fixed with magnetic base, easy to install and maintain.
Optional rotation for wave direction.
High performance, powerful water flow and low energy consumption.
Adopting the wear-proof ceramic shaft to prolong the service life.
Low voltage operation, safe and reliable
The “wireless” does not means that this pump doesn’t need to be connected with electricity cable and control pad.
This pump still needs to connect with electricity cable and control pad.
If two of this wave makers works together, the two pumps can be wireless controlled as “master” and “slave” wave maker,
there is no need to connect the two wave makers together.

Wave Mode:
W1: Wave Mode
Remoting the knob is necessary when operate this mode to adjust the wave patterns among one or more pumps at the same time. As the volume of water in tank is different from the capacity of the tank, wave period needed to be adjusted by switching the knob. The wave is biggest when wavelength turn to be same as the length of tank; Increase the wavelength by switching the knob in clockwise and reduce in anti-clockwise.
Tips: You should switch the knob gradually and notice the wave pattern in a certain period after each adjustment.
Press SPEED to adjust the flow rate.
W2: Sine Mode
One or more pumps can operate at the same time in this mode. The power various between 30%-100% and the regulation looks like a sine curve.
Else: Random Mode
One or more pumps can operate at the same time. It is a random mode as the power of pump is changing to a random data all the time without regulation.
H: Flow Mode
One or more pumps can operate at the same time. In constant flow.
Flow rate can be adjusted by SPEED.
C: Shift to flow mode
Two pumps are needed to be operated at the same time, when they shift wave and flow in cycles.
P1 work, P2 stop;P2 work, P1 stop;P1 work, P2 stop. and cycles like this.
Cycle period (1s-1 min) can by adjusted by switching the knob and adjust the flow rate by pressing SPEED/FEED.

What is in the box: 1 x Wave Maker, 1 x Controller, 1 x Power Adapter , 1 x Power Cable, 1 x Instruction Manual

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SKU: 211022094134

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