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Multi-Functional Steer Toy For Kids With Music Lights


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Colors: Random (as shown)
Origin: China
Material: Plastic
Size: L.W.H 25cm x 10cm x 25 cm
Inspires Active Play.
Sturdy and Well-made.
Lends Itself to More Than One Use.


Product Description:
Ignition key. Turning the ignition key, the baby turns on the steering wheel and selects the language in which the voice acting will occur.
By clicking on the “Horn” button, the crumb will hear 4 different sounds. If you hold the button down for 3 seconds, you will hear a humming sound imitating the sounds that a car makes while driving.
The control lever changes the scenes depicted on the sectors of a circle. In total, the circle shows 5 different patterns: fruits, animals, plants, insects and transport.
By pressing the music button, the child will hear 5 different children’s tunes.
Arrows. Clicking on the arrows, the baby will hear the phrase “Turn on left / right” in two languages.
Light blinking effects will appear every time the child pulls the lever or presses the buttons.


What is in the box:
1 x Multi-Functional Steer Toy


Colors: Random

Weight: 0.4


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