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Avengers Super Hero Thor Action Figure With High Tech Light Effect And Sound


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Short Description:
Type: Action Figure
Origin: China
Material: Environmental-Friendly Material
Age: 3 years and above
Color: As shown
Size: 27cm approx..

Product Description:
Enter the battle with Titan Hero Tech Thor. The Avengers face their worst enemy yet,
but they’ve got a secret Titan Hero Tech!
This Thor figure has the massive strength of the green superhero,
but he combines it with high-tech light effects and sounds! He says phrases like “Thor smash!”
Phrases & Sound Effects: To defeat Ultron, the Avengers need to communicate and work together as a team.
Titan Hero Tech Thor includes exciting phrases and action sound effects.
Just press the button on Thor chest to hear a command from Marvel’s mightiest Avenger or,
hear Thor in battle as he takes on the villains.
With classic phrases and fierce roars, Thor is a voice to be reckoned with.
Titan Hero Tech Thor is ready to let the puny bad guys have it!
27 cm Thor Figure: Titan Hero Tech Thor is mega-sized and ready for some titanic action.
He’s built big to handle any adventure you can imagine.
Whether he’s expressing his affection for his fellow Avengers, screaming with rage,
or proclaiming Ultron’s demise, Titan Hero Tech Thor is ready with many phrases and sounds.
Unleash Your Imagination: Create your own fight sequences by owning the Incredible Thor,
a brilliant scientist who turns into a ranging green monster when angry.
Ideal for Gift: Its an ideal return gift for birthday parties, theme parties, gift for superhero fans, gift for kids.

Launch Frisbee from Slot on the Chest
Insert from the back
Press Button on the Back
Launch Frisbee
Exciting sound effects and phrases
Non-toxic material safe for baby
Easy to carry for travel or home
Educational Toy
Affordable and Durable
Environmental-Friendly Material
Movie-inspired design
Makes delightful sounds

What’s in the box: 1 x Thor Action Figure, 4 x Frisbees

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Avengers Super Hero Thor Action Figure With High Tech Light Effect And Sound
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