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Amazing Benefits Of Gond Katira:
Gond Katira have both impacts on our body warm as well as cool due to this property it is widely used in every season,
and provides equally beneficial effects to the human body they not only help provides energy but also prevent us from various issues that we face regularly;
1- Controls High Blood Pressure: Many people around are suffering from high blood pressure and are taking control pills these people.
Gond Katira is highly recommended. The cooling effect present in Gond Katira will help control high blood pressure in people suffering from high blood pressure.
This will help your blood pressure to be brought to an expected standard.
2- Prevent From Heat Strokes: The excellent cooling properties of Gond Katira are used in various ways for consumption.
The drink prepared by Gond Katira cools down your body in the summer season and reduces inner body temperature, lowering the risk of heatstroke.
Some people face the problem of nose bleeding because their inner body temperature increases with the increase in external temperature.
For this problem, Gond Katira is considered a reliable option.
3- Improves Urinary Function: Gond Katira has a variety of functions in the urinary tract and urine issues and helps against urinary incontinence,
which means the involuntary process of urination. Gond Katira relaxes the urinary muscles when there is a blockage of the urine in the urinary tract.
It helps improve the immune system and shows impressive results in case of burns where it is applied in the form of a paste,
and considered effective medicine for cough and diarrhea.
4- Improves The Health Of The Bones: Gond Katira is a rich source of calcium that is an effective cure for weak bones
and treats various bone diseases, like osteoporosis. Gond Katira improves the bone density of minerals and provides strength to the joints.
With increasing age, the bones become brittle, and the chances of fracture increase. With the use of this magical gum, the risk of fracture decreases.
5- Improves The Functioning Of the Digestive System: If your digestive system is not working well, you may face many issues like vomiting, diarrhea, and weakness.
To improve the functioning of your digestive tract, Gond Katira is super effective.
It stimulates gastrointestinal movement and aids in bowel movement hence maintaining the healthy functioning of our digestive system.
This is also considered very helpful in the conditions like diarrhea and constipation.
6- Benefits Of Gond Katira For Men: Gond Katira is very helpful for men in many ways.
It can help improve men’s sexuality, and it helps treat any weakness and inadequacy in men and helps them regulate the normal fluent cycle.
With the daily use of Gond Katira, various problems of men can be cured, including low sperm count and dysfunction of erectile.
7- Beneficial Impact Of Gond Katira On Women: Women had a lot of beneficial impacts with the use of Gond Katira. Usually,
women are unsatisfied with the size of their breasts, and Gond Katira acts as a breast enhancer that helps increase women’s breast size.
For lactating mothers, Gond Katira is also considered very effective because it helps in milk production which provides strength to the breastfed infant.
8- Beneficial Role Of Gond Katira On Skin: Skin problems are the primary and common issues of every woman.
Gond Katira provides glowing skin and enhances your beauty with its anti-aging properties. Of Gond Katira it helps resolve wrinkles and fine lines problems.
The anti-aging mask is also manufactured by Gond Katira or can be used with other products that are effective for healthy skin like aloe Vera and honey,
not only for wrinkles but is an excellent cure for acne or acne scars.

Type: Gond Katira (Tragacanth Gum)
Quantity: Available in 500g, and 1kg
Appearance: Off-white to yellowish-brown colored powder or flakes
Odor: Odorless or slightly characteristic odor
Solubility: Soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents
Viscosity: Typically 5,000-10,000 cP (centipoise) for a 1% aqueous solution
Moisture content: Typically less than 15%
Ash content: Typically less than 4%
pH: Typically between 6.5-7.5
Particle size: Typically ranges from 50-100 mesh
Stabilizers, thickener, and emulsifiers in the food industry
Medicinal properties soothes sore throats, aids digestion, relieves constipation
Binding agent and emulsifier in cosmetics soothes skin, reduces inflammation
Sizing agent and improves printing quality in textiles
Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels
Acts as a natural prebiotic, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.


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Gond Katira (Tragacanth Gum)
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